Automotive Air Conditioning and Climate Control Systems

Automotive Air Conditioning and Climate Control Systems by Steven DalyAutomotive Air-conditioning and Climate Control Systems is a complete text and reference on the theoretical practical and legislative aspects of vehicle climate control systems for automotive engineering students and service professionals. It provides the reader with a thorough up-to-date knowledge of current A/C systems refrigerants and the new possible replacement systems like CO2 and includes unrivalled coverage of electronic and electrical control. Filling the gap in the automotive engineering and servicing market for students and those training on the job this book will help both newcomers and those with more experience of air-conditioning systems maintenance engineering to keep up with the latest developments and legislation. This title offers detailed coverage of European and US vehicle HVAC systems. It provides thorough explanation of current and future systems including CO2. It meets relevant C G IMI and HND vocational and professional qualifications. It features IMI recommended reading material.It includes practical cases studies and examples from design and manufacturing companies including Ford Vauxhall Toyota VW Visteon Sanden and others accompanied by over 300 detailed illustrations and photographs. Integracar endeavors to offer a extensive selection of repair manuals. Conversely owners manuals can be designed for so many different nations and the automobiles put together for those countries. Accordingly not all owners manuals may be right for your selected car. If you have questions whether a certain workshop manual is good for your automobile kindly make contact with us hereAutomotive Air Conditioning and Climate Control Systems by Steven Daly link here

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