Automotive Electrical Performance Projects

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Automotive Electrical Performance Projects by Tony CandelaIn this Performance Projects Series title brilliant color photos and explanatory step-by-step captions detail the installation of the most popular functional and beneficial upgrades for enthusiasts of varying skill levels. Just a few of the projects included are the installation of high-output halogen headlights upgrading to high-output distributor and wire ignition system with a coil-on-plug system the installation of an electric fan and the installation of an Autometer electronic speedo tach voltmeter and oil pressure gauges is shown. Installing a complete aftermarket wiring harness is no small task and each facet is covered in amazing detail. Also covered is the complete installation of an aftermarket EFI system including controllers injectors and wiring. Integracar attempts to supply a sizeable scope of servicing guides. In spite of this repair manuals may just be designed for various countries and the automobiles put together for those nations. Accordingly not all service manuals may be best for your particular vehicle. If you have important questions whether or not a selected owners manual is worthy for your automobile kindly get in touch with us hereAutomotive Electrical Performance Projects by Tony Candela more details…..