Bentley: A Racing History

Bentley: A Racing History by David VenablesPublished to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Bentley s motor racing debut at Brooklands this story of British heroism sporting success and engineering endeavour is vividly told by an author who is an expert on the period. David Venables describes every stage of the marque s record-breaking racing history supporting the informative text with full appendices and a wealth of photographs published here for the first time.Bentley: A Racing History by David Venables information

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Bentley – WriterPR Responsible to Bentley Motors UK, my role is to facilitate test drives for the Australian media, coordinate arrangements for local media travelling to international Bentley launches, and work with the Australian dealer team and the Bentley marketing team on events and experiences in Australia.

The first Bentley cars dominated at Le Mans circuit … Bentley, born on September 16, 1888, in Hampstead, London, was the youngest of nine children of retired silk and wool merchant Alfred Bentley and his Adelaide-born wife Emily.

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Big plans for Bentley after easy victory – Henderson also confirmed that the group 1 Australian Cup on March 6 or the group 2 Adelaide Cup two days later would be considered if My Bentley was successful at Mornington.

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