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Ford Mustang by Brad BowlingGet other Ford repair manuals hereOver 60 of the hottest and most popular high performance Mustangs are profiled in Ford Mustang. From the early GTs to today s newest Shelby only the fastest pony cars are included in this history of Mustang performance. Profiles of cars from every generation the Boss 302s Mach 1s and more including full color detail and portrait photos a short history of the car performance specifications and trivia. Whether you re a lifelong Mustang fan or just getting to know the great American performance machine you ll enjoy the depth and variety of Ford Mustang.Ford Mustang by Brad Bowling more data

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Ford Mustang – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Ford Mustang is a very popular American sports car built by the Ford Motor Company beginning in 1964.The first cars were built in Ford’s Dearborn, Michigan factory on March 9 of that year and the car was first shown to the public on April 17 at the New York World’s Fair.It did not cost a lot of money, but it was still very fancy and looked like a much more expensive car.