Ford Mustang V8 1964 1973 Haynes Service Repair Manual

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Ford Mustang Service and Repair Manual 1964- 1973 HaynesGet Other Ford Car Repair Manuals click here Softcover 288 pages USA manual covering the Ford Mustang V8 1964 – 1973 Haynes Owners Service Repair Manual covers models: Mustang Mach I GT Shelby and Boss V8 models 1964 – 1973. Engines covered are all petrol V8s: bull; 260 cubic inches (4261 cc) bull; 289 cubic inches (4737 cc) bull; 351 cubic inches (5753 cc) bull; 390 cubic inches (6392 cc) bull; 427 cubic inches (6999 cc) bull; 428 cubic inches (7015 cc) bull; 429 cubic inches (7031 cc) bull; Boss 302 (4950 cc) bull; Boss 351 (5753 cc) bull; Boss 429 (7031 cc) bull; Cleveland 351 (5753 cc) Manual transmissions covered are 3- and 4-speed with floor shift levers. From 1970 on the 4-speed was fitted with a Hurst shifter. Overhaul information is provided for the manual transmissions. Automatic transmissions covered are C4 C6 and FMX 3-speed. Only regular maintenance and adjustments are described. it is recommended that automatic transmissions be taked to a specialist workshop for major repairs or overhaul. Please note: This manual DOES NOT include 6 Cylinder inline engines. Inside this manual you will find: Routine Maintenance tune-up procedures engine repair cooling and heating air-conditioning fuel and exhaust emissions control ignition brakes suspension and steering electrical systems and wiring diagrams. Haynes repair manuals can save you money on maintenance and repair bills. Step-by-step procedures and illustrations guide you through every job from basic maintenance and troubleshooting to complete teardown rebuild. + here

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