Honda Gold Wing

The Honda silver Wing are a number of touring motorcycles manufactured by Honda.
The people of Automotive Engineers of Japan include a Honda silver Wing GL1000 stated in 1974 among their 240 Landmarks of Japanese Automotive technologies.
Throughout their record, it has

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Softcover – 179 pages – Honda GL1000 Gold Wing 1975 – 1979 Haynes Owners Service Repair Manual Covers the following Models: Honda Gold Wing GL1000 Standard (USA) May 1975 to Sep. 1979 Honda Gold Wing GL1000 LTD (USA) 1976 Honda Gold Wing GL1000 K1 and K2 (U.K.) March 1975 to April 1979 Honda Gold Wing GL1000 KZ (U.K.) April to September 1979Contents: Maintenance Engine Clutch And Transmission Fuel System And Lubrication Ignition System Frame And Forks Wheels Brakes And Tyres Electrical System Wiring Diagrams

The Honda silver Wing are a number of touring motorcycles manufactured by Honda. It had been introduced at Cologne Motorcycle program in October 1974, and proceeded to be a well known model in the united states, west European countries and Australian Continent, and Japan. Complete deals are more than 640,000 “Wings,” many inside U.S. markets.

The people of Automotive Engineers of Japan include a Honda silver Wing GL1000 stated in 1974 among their 240 Landmarks of Japanese Automotive technologies. Through 2012, Honda GL systems has appeared eighteen times in the Cycle World range of Ten Best bicycles.

Throughout their record, it has had many adjustment to its design and manufacturing. In 1975 they have a 999 cc flat-four engine as well as in 2001 it had a 1,832 cc flat-six. By 2012, the design have a fairing with heating and a variable windscreen, panniers and a trunk, a seatback for pillion driver, satellite navigation and radio, a six-speaker sound system with MP3 and iPod connection, anti-lock braking, cruise control, electrically assisted reverse equipment, and an optional airbag, none that had been present with regards to had been launched.

Gold Wings are manufactured in Marysville, Ohio from 1980 until 2010, whenever motorcycle manufacturing there was clearly stopped. Production resumed in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan in 2011 making use of tooling transported from older plant. The 2011 design 12 months was not produced.

In 1988, after thirteen years of production the Honda Gold Wing with a flat-four motor, Honda introduced the GL1500 with a flat-6 motor. This larger model lasted for 13 years before becoming changed by the even-larger GL1800 in 2001.

The Honda Valkyrie F6C was a cruiser based on the GL1500 Gold Wing. The restricted edition 2004 Valkyrie Rune ended up being in line with the GL1800.

In 1972 Honda assembled a design group to explore principles for an innovative new leading bike, some thing Honda R&D had deliberated over since the CB750 was introduced. The task leader is Shoichiro Irimajiri, whom in the last decade have created Honda’s five- and six-cylinder Grand Prix bike racing motors then contributed to the development of Honda’s car company. Irimajiri-san was thus an apt selection to generate an amalgamation of disparate technologies—automobile motors and multi-cylinder battle bicycles.

a related celebration was the development of the CVCC clean-burn car motor at the 1972 Tokyo tv show. It absolutely was Honda’s first liquid-cooled system to go into production; Honda cars including motorbikes had all been air-cooled to that point. Soichiro Honda had not been effortlessly convinced that liquid-cooling is better than air-cooled motors but young engineers in the course of time prevailed.
Honda F1 rushing RA273E 3-liter V12 system created by Shoichiro Irimajiri
M1 model

During its developing inside belated sixties, the CB750 ended up being labeled as informally the “master of motorbikes” so that it ended up being appropriate that Honda’s next larger thing would be recognized because of the moniker “King of Kings” at creation. By the end of 1972, the venture employees have made a break with motorcycle tradition in the form of an experimental model, understood by the code name M1. Rather than a transverse system design, the M1 motorcycle features a longitudinal motor, rendering it perfect for a driveshaft despite the fact that every prior Honda put a chain for final drive. As opposed to a parallel twin or inline-four engine the M1 possess a flat-six engine, as well as 1470cc, it’s twice the displacement of CB750. In the place of creating it for über-performance the M1 system had been built to build a lot of torque across an extensive power musical organization. Unlike any other Honda motorcycle of times, the M1 system uses liquids cooling.

The M1 engine creates 80 horsepower at 6700 rpm, enabling a high speeds of 220 kilometres per hour. Unconstrained by practicalities, this brainstorm from the project employees ended up being far from a production model. On the other hand, the M1 was never ever designed to look at light of time. None the less, the M1 must certanly be regarded as the primordial Gold Wing because countless of its fundamental and specific services can be found in the lineage.

The flat-six provides M1 motorcycle a rather low center of gravity, which improves stability, nevertheless amount of this engine plus gearbox doesn’t let a comfy driving position, that was therefore confined that the task moved to the notion of a more small engine.
1976 GL1000 engine closeup
1938 Zündapp K800 on display during the Barber Vintage Motorsport Museum
1983 BFG 1300 bike
Venture 371

The undefined touring bike ended up being code-named task 371, and Toshio Nozue took over from Irimajiri-san as task commander. The M1 system displacement of 1470cc was deemed too large, and six cylinders were regarded as a lot of, when it comes to target market. The M1 design had been fundamentally changed by a more compact one liter flat-four engine.
Powertrain pedigree

Once the Gold Wing flat-four with shaft drive premiered in 1974 it combined technology from past bike designs, and current automotive technologies. The traditional BMW Motorrad layout, a wet-sump product construction boxer-twin making use of shaft final drive, extends back to your R32 design that started production in 1923. In 1934 Zündapp made use of the exact same powertrain design due to their K800, improving to a four-cylinder boxer motor; during globe War II the K800 ended up being the only real four-cylinder motorcycle used by the German armed forces. The 500cc Wooler design of 1953 improved upon the Zündapp by adding expense valves to its boxer four and back suspension system to its tubular framework; although with money an issue, accompanied by the loss of John Wooler, this committed shaft-drive bike never ever very have off the ground.

In cars, the four-cylinder boxer powerplant goes dating back the start of the twentieth century; as well as in early 1970s flat-four motors were becoming produced by Subaru, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, VW and Porsche as 4 and 6 cylinders, and used in aircraft as the Porsche PFM 3200, engine, including Citroën. The Citroën system are remarkable as it is always power the BFG 1300 touring bike, that was furthermore favored by the French police in the 1980s.

The Gold Wing is the initial manufacturing bike from Japan which had a four-stroke engine with liquid cooling although Suzuki GT750 with a water-cooled, two-stroke triple, preceded the GL1000 by four many years. Two-stroke water-cooled engines from The Scott bike organization return back at the least in terms of the 1920s.
The ‘Olympics’ of most stamina rallies is the metal Butt Rally. This celebration takes place over eleven days, often in belated August, on odd-numbered many years, and it is operate because of the Iron Butt relationship. In the early years this is an obscure celebration with just twelve or more cyclists. Within the last ten years or so, as distance biking possess attained in recognition, the event happens to be so crowded that IBA has actually enforced a limit of 125 riders. Entry are via lotto and discretion for the rallymasters. The fundamental concept try a lap around the reduced 48 US, with possible diversions into Canada and Alaska. You will find interim checkpoints, where the driver must look within a brief time window or forfeit any added bonus guidelines obtained on that leg. The metal Butt Rally, like all stamina rallies, is not a race. There’s absolutely no benefit to showing up early at a checkpoint. The target is to make the absolute most things, which are not directly associated with amount of miles journeyed. The winning rider may not be the main one most abundant in miles ridden.

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The Project 371 team’s best powertrain layout had been a 1 litre liquid-cooled, horizontally-opposed four-cylinder, SOHC system, with a gear-driven generator at the back end for the crankshaft. Utilizing gears to-drive the generator caused they to twist backwards and therefore to counteract the system torque response. Cylinder blocks and crankcase are integral, because of the transmission situated underneath the crankcase maintain the machine construction system as small as you can. Best drive was by shaft.

Production Gold Wings went on sale when you look at the U.S. as well as in Europe in 1975, but pre-production GL1000 versions are very first revealed to dealers in September 1974 at United states Honda’s yearly supplier conference in vegas, after which shown to people the next period within IFMA Internationale Fahrrad- und Motorrad-Ausstellung in Cologne.

Small fairings was installed on two associated with the production prototypes for the U.S. supplier tv show in nevada. These fairings were designed by Honda to be sold as Hondaline add-ons, were said to be stated in the U.S. by the Vetter Fairing team, but this particular design never went into production due to the accidental destruction associated with molds. Consequently, the silver Wing came to be into the world nude, lacking saddlebags and achieving room for baggage, without even a windshield. This developed a ‘golden’ opportunity for accessory makers, and market soon developed offering fairings and baggage add-ons, especially the Windjammer show created by Craig Vetter.

The initial GL1000 had an electric starter supported by a kick-start lever saved inside a dummy gas container, which also housed the radiator growth tank, electric components, as well as the air conditioning filter supplying four Keihin 32 mm CV carburetors. The actual gas container had been underneath the seat, to keep the center of mass as little as feasible. The bike have a dry fat of 584 weight and a retail price of people $2,900. 13,000 silver Wings had been sold in the United States in 1975.

There have been no big alterations in the standard Gold Wing for 1976 even though cost increased slightly to $2,960. To mark the usa Bicentennial 12 months Honda revealed the GL1000 LTD with distinctive insignia and colors scheme plus some extra amenities. The LTD is a real limited edition with production limited to about 3,400 units, in accordance with an upscale cost of $3,295.

Into the third design season Honda began refining the silver Wing, although the adjustment for 1977 are tiny, like fatigue pipeline temperature shields, revised seat and handlebar, including a gasoline gauge. Pounds increased to 595 pounds while the price rose to $2,938. The bike division of Honda British created 52 manager GL1000 K1 bikes by adding advanced add-ons to 1977 Gold Wings and selling them for £2300.
1979 GL1000 with Windjammer fairing on the Bonneville Salt Flats

The system was altered in 1978 for GL1000 K3 model, so as to make more torque available at lower engine rates; the carburetors were low in size by 1 mm, the fatigue system ended up being redesigned, valve time and ignition timing were changed. The kick-start device had been taken off the system, and a reserve illumination module the headlight and taillight was taken off the electrics. A small tool panel made an appearance over a restyled dummy gasoline tank. Wire-spoke tires are changed with Honda’s newer ComStar tires, nevertheless existing tires with internal pipes remained. Dry body weight expanded to 601 lbs while the value went to $3,200.

1979 noted the end of GL1000 developing using K4 model. Dry body weight increasing somewhat to 604 lbs together with price tag jumped to $3,700 for the past silver Wing to be running on a one-liter motor. There have been best lesser modifications because of this design year, excluding the ComStar tires; brand new ComStars have more powerful metal spokes on aluminum wheels as opposed to the earliest aluminum spoked wheels that precipitated a 1979 recall. Through the best run of the GL1000 in 1979, Hondaline saddlebags and trunk were available, but Honda nevertheless didn’t provide a fairing.

Honda offered a lot more than 97,000 models associated with GL1000 in the us between 1975 and 1979.

After 5 years of the GL1000, the second-generation Gold Wing premiered in 1979 as a 1980 design, plus the GL1100 will be continued through the 1983 design season. The GL1100 had been manufactured in Japan until May 1980 whenever Honda started creating 1981 designs during the Marysville bike Plant in Ohio. Silver Wings would be built for a price of 150 units on a daily basis for years 1981-1983. Engines were still being built-in Japan, but Honda begun to advertise the device as being manufactured in America.

The silver Wing faced competition from Japan in the shape of the Suzuki GS1000 with an inline-four motor, and particularly inside Kawasaki Z1300 which had an enormous DOHC 1300cc straight-six engine with liquids cooling. Honda reacted by increasing the displacement of silver Wing, and followed-up by announcing initial Japanese full-dress tourer. The newest motor was more than simply a GL1000 with a 3 mm larger bore, the alterations clearly emphasized torque over horsepower. The cylinder heads were customized to improve burning at low and middle system rates, transmission gear ratios were changed while the best drive ratio reduced in order to make more torque offered by highway rates. The bore size for several four carburetors had been once more paid down by 1 mm, to 30 mm.

The wheelbase is lengthened over that the GL1000, and environment suspension is added. The GL1100 have an adjustable chair, and for the very first time made use of tubeless tires, installed on black reverse ComStar wheels. The nude Gold Wing, which will being referred to as Standard design, considered 589 lbs dried out and offered for US $3,800. Despite the fact here are only lesser adjustment to distinguish the GL1100 ’81 version from the previous seasons, the purchase price gone around $4,100.

Most of the 1982 Gold Wings have transmission ratios modified to lower system rpm at cruising rates, brand new brakes with twin-piston calipers and larger tires on modest tires. Dry weight the GL1100 ’82 is 595 pounds and also the price ended up being $4,250.

Transmission equipment ratios were modified all over again for the 1983 silver Wings to minimize motor speed on the highway. Nevertheless the considerable changes are not to your motor, they certainly were to your working gear within this past year for GL1100s. Cast aluminum eleven-spoke rims changed the ComStars. The front suspension was endowed with TRAC anti-dive forks with an integral hand support, and the back suspension worked despite no air pressure. Honda’s earliest combined braking system, dubbed Unified Braking at that time, premiered in 1983; they engaged both forward and rear brake system together as soon as the braking system pedal was applied. Dry fat for the traditional GL1100 inched around 599 weight and cost crept to $4,300.
An innovative new design group began work on the fourth-generation silver Wing in 1984. Honda describes model evaluation as concerning sixty developmental phases, and building fifteen different test bicycles, like one made from a GL1200 framework along with the initial M1 engine to make certain that a six-cylinder might be versus a four-cylinder head-on. This very early ’70s prototype have an influence far beyond just what the M1’s preliminary designers may have expected.

Unique Gold Wing system build objectives were smoothness, quietness and enormous power. Finally, a redesigned silver Wing made its debut within 1987 Cologne bike Show, 13 ages after the initial GL1000 was first shown to the general public on same site, as well as the GL1500 brought the most changes observed to the Gold Wing show since its beginning. The greatest difference had been that the flat-four motor is changed with a flat-six motor. Although the GL1500 still made use of carburetors, there were only two large 36 mm CV Keihins supplying all six cylinders, the first occasion any silver Wing had less than one carb per cylinder.

Honda additionally enclosed the complete motorcycle in plastic, providing it a seamless look. The seat height had been lowest yet on a Gold Wing, the traveler straight back rest and trunk were integrated, and a central system secured the trunk area lid and saddlebags. Rear suspension system atmosphere pressure ended up being modified by an on-board compressor. One significant innovation is the choice of a “reverse gear”, which was actually a creative utilization of the electric beginner motor from the transmission. Due to the size and pounds, Honda thought that many people might have trouble backing it up.

This new Gold Wing have cultivated in just about any measurement. A larger windshield, much longer wheelbase, two more cylinders, even more horse power, more bodywork, even more electronic devices, even more add-ons and more mass: 794 lbs dried out. Alternatives incorporate a passenger sound controls and back speakers, CB broadcast, auxiliary lights and external trim. An additional very first when it comes to GL1500, 1988 is the year Honda shipped Gold Wings from the US to Japan the very first time. The US cost ended up being $9,998.

For 1989 Honda changed the brake disks, and lifted the price by $1,500. Braking system discs are changed again in 1990, since were the carbohydrates and camshafts, without a price boost. The claimed GL1500 dried out fat for ’90 is 798 lbs. In addition, a Gold Wing 15th Anniversary important version design made its first in 1990

Here year, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of American-made Gold Wings, every bicycle created for 1991 included a numbered plaque and anniversary edition insignia. There have been three ’91 brands: Aspencade indicated the standard GL1500 design; the luxurious specific version from the 12 months before continued given that SE design; additionally the Interstate name denoted a stripped-down model. Other 2006 choices had been an in-dash GPS with audio information offered through the speakers and headset cables, and a rider convenience package like chair heating units influenced from the dash, hot handlebar grips, and engine-air vents situated in front regarding the motorist’s leg pegs.

The 2010 design seasons was the very last become manufactured in america. The 2011 design 12 months was not created. Manufacturing shifted to Japan in 2012.
2012 silver Wing GL1800 design for Japanese market, with windshield wiper
“first Gen” and “2nd Gen” GL1800’s

Some retailers of aftermarket add-ons/replacements section team all GL1800 models into two groups. They explain all GL1800s created from 2001-2010 as “First Generation” or “first Gen,” while GL1800’s manufactured in 2012 or 2013 become referred to as “Second Generation” or “second Gen.” This really is notably deceptive because, with regards to total Gold Wing advancement, the GL1800 is in fact the fifth generation.

As previously mentioned above, there was clearly no 2011 design seasons created.

Honda made refined adjustment towards the made-in-Japan 2nd Gen GL1800. Restyled bodywork helps make the fairing and saddlebags aim to be less bulbous, even though the saddlebags hold a lot more than before as well as the fairing is changed to higher shield the rider’s legs, in addition to to improve the foot-warming ports. The trunk area and fairing pockets, when with the newer saddlebags, provide driver above 150 litres of space. The instrument cluster has actually a brighter display screen, plus the newest satellite navigation and broadcast, and a unique six-speaker speakers with MP3 and iPod connection.

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The Honda Gold Wing is a series of touring motorcycles manufactured by Honda.Gold Wings feature shaft drive, and a flat engine.Introduced at the Cologne Motorcycle Show in October 1974, the Gold Wing went on to become a popular model in North America, Western Europe and Australia, as well as Japan.

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