Honda SOHC Fours

Honda SOHC Fours by Peter HenshawGet other Honda Motorbike repair manuals hereTwo bikes represent Honda s most important contribution to road motorcycle development – the CB400F and CB750. The latter was the first affordable four-cylinder bike setting new standards of performance reliability and comfort. The former became a classic in its own right a small lightweight four that was many riders first bike.Honda SOHC Fours by Peter Henshaw here

Honda SOHC Fours (Essential Buyer’s Guide Series): Amazon … The 400 and 750 were part of an entire range of Honda SOHC fours, including the 350, 500, 550 and 650. From the 500,000 or more that were built, many of these bikes have survived, and they have an enthusiastic following in both the USA and Europe.

Classic Custom: Honda CB750 Four – Bike Review Classic Custom: Honda CB750 Four – Bike Review Erin’s awesome creations are renowned in custom classic circles and his latest project is yet another inspiring custom bike that combines one of the most iconic classic bikes with a dash…

1974 Honda CB750 K4 Review – JUST BIKES While the sportier ‘F’ Series CB750 Super Sports released in 1975 as a response to Kawasaki’s Z1 are a prime target for collectors today, the K Series are still incredibly popular, boasting owners’ clubs around the world, either devoted to all SOHC Honda Fours, or exclusively to the CB 750. This means plenty of advice and spare parts support for the potential CB 750 owner. For the ‘first time …

The Honda CB500 Four – Classic Japanese Motorcycles … Smaller and lighter than its famous big brother, the trend-setting Honda CB750 Four, the new for 1971 Honda CB500 Four took all the 750’s fine attributes and focused them into a smaller, lighter bike that in many ways was better than its much-lauded forbearer. Not that the 750 had many detractors.

Honda CB550 Four – Classic Bike Guide The SOHC engine is good, solid and uncomplicated. While the first Japanese fours were derided by die-hard British bike fans for their apparent complexities, the four is a simple design and requires little in the way of special tools to maintain and work on.

The Smallest Four: Honda CB350F – Classic Japanese … 1973 Honda CB350F. Engine: 347cc SOHC transverse-mounted inline four, 47mm x 50mm bore and stroke, 9.3:1 compression ratio, 34hp @ 10,000rpm (rear wheel, estimated) Top Speed: 98mph (period test) Carburetion: Four 20mm Keihin Transmission: 5-speed, chain final drive Electrics: 12v, coil and breaker points ignition Frame/wheelbase: Single downtube steel cradle frame, 53.3in (1,354mm)

Honda celebrated 50 years of in-line fours at Wheels … Honda also chose this year’s event to showcase 50 years of Honda in-line fours. Here is a quick run-down on the history of Honda’s in-line four-cylinder nakedbikes, starting with their 1969 CB750.

The SOHC/4 Owners Club The Single Overhead Cam Four Owners Club A website dedicated to Honda motorcycles. Specific models covered are the CB750K, CB750F, CB650, CB550K, CB550F, CB500, CB400F, and CB350F period articles, and service manuals. Customer reviews: Honda SOHC Fours: CB350 … Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Honda SOHC Fours: CB350, CB400F, CB500, CB550, CB550F, CB550K, CB650, CB750, CB750A, CB750F, CB750K – 1969-84 (The Essential Buyer’s Guide) at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.