KTM EXC Enduro and SX Motocross SOHC 4 Strokes 2000 – 2007 Workshop ManualHaynes Service and Repair Manual

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Softcover – 272 pages – KTM EXC Enduro SX Motocross SOHC 4 Strokes 2000 – 2007 Haynes Service And Repair Manual covers the following models: 250EXC Racing (Europe) 2002 – 2006 400EXC Racing (Europe) 2000 – 2007 450EXC Racing (Europe) 2003 – 2007 520EXC Racing (Europe) 2000 – 2002 525EXC Racing (Europe) 2003 – 2007 (Including MXC Desert) 250EXC RFS (US) 2004 400EXC-G Racing (US) 2000 – 2002 2004 – 2007 (Including MXC) 450EXC-G Racing (US) 2003 – 2007 (Including MXC/XC) 520EXC-G Racing (US) 2000 – 2002 525EXC-G Racing (US) 2003 – 2006 400SX Racing (Motocross) 2000 – 2002 450SX Racing (Motocross) 2003 – 2006 520SX Racing (Motocross) 2000 – 2002 525SX Racing (Motocross) 2003 – 2006 Main features of the 450/540 SXS and Six Days models included 450SMR Supermoto 2004 – 2006 525SMR Supermoto 2004 – 2005 560SMR Supermoto 2006Covers main features of SMR Supermoto.Does Not Include the DOHC EXC-F and SX-F ModelsTable of ContentsLIVING WITH YOUR KTM bull; Introduction bull; Always ready to race bull; Acknowledgements bull; About this manual bull; Model development bull; Identification numbers bull; Buying spare parts bull; Safety first! bull; Pre-ride checks bull; Engine oil level bull; Coolant level bull; Clutch fluid level bull; Brake fluid levels bull; Suspension steering and chain bull; Legal and safetyMAINTENANCE bull; Routine maintenance and servicing bull; Specifications bull; Lubricants and fluids bull; Maintenance schedule bull; Component locations bull; Maintenance proceduresREPAIRS and OVERHAUL bull; Engine transmission and associated systems bull; Engine clutch and transmission bull; Fuel and exhaust systems bull; Ignition system bull; Chassis and bodywork components bull; Frame and suspension bull; Brakes wheels and final drive bull; BodyworkElectrical system; Wiring diagramsREFERENCE bull; Tools and workshop tips bull; Conversion factors bull; Troubleshooting bull; Technical terms explained click on

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