Suzuki Bandit

The Suzuki Bandit number of sport-standard motorbikes are the next systems:

GSF250, 248 cc water-cooled
GSF400, 398 cc water-cooled
GSF600, 599 cc SACS
GSF650, 656 cc SACS, 656

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The Suzuki Bandit number of sport-standard motorbikes are the next systems:

GSF250, 248 cc water-cooled
GSF400, 398 cc water-cooled
GSF600, 599 cc SACS
GSF650, 656 cc SACS, 656 cc water-cooled
GSF750, 748 cc SACS
GSF1200, 1,157 cc SACS
GSF1250, 1,255 cc water-cooled

All systems has DOHC inline four-cylinder engines with 4 valves per cylinder. The GSF600 motor is based on the GSX-F 600 system, re-tuned for more mid-range torque. The GSF1200 motor was a bored out type of the GSXR1100 engine, additionally re-tuned for more mid-range torque. The GXF650 and GXF1250 designs make use of brand-new fuel-injected, liquid-cooled machines, the GSF1250 creating an auxiliary stability shaft to cut back vibrations.

‘S’ versions posses a half-fairing, and beginning with design season 2000, they also have double headlights. ‘letter’ models were unfaired naked cycle with an individual headlight. The accessibility to the ‘S’ and ‘N’ models changes with country and design season.

The Bandit show obtained a profile as “hooligan bikes”. With an increase of present revisions, however, the bike has taken on an even more streamlined and latest experience, using they much more towards activities tourer area. The GSF1200 continues to be well-liked by stunt bikers, and it is used by a wheelie class in britain.

The Suzuki Advanced Cooling System was created by Suzuki engineer Etsuo Yokouchi in the early 1980s. The machine is made use of extensively on GSXR model bicycles from 1985 through 1992. Suzuki continued to make use of the system in its GSF and GSX outlines until the 2006 model-year and DR650 from 1990 presenting. Motors making use of the SACS program had been generally speaking seen as becoming very durable.

While addressing dependability issues in Suzuki’s best turbo recharged cycle, the XN85, the SACS system was conceived by Mr. Estuo Yokouchi, who seemed to World War II–era aircraft for motivation. Like air-cooled motorcycles, radial engines utilized in most early plane endured heat and reliability problems. To overcome these problems, aircraft designers often used oils jets targeted at the bottom of an engine’s pistons to hold away excess temperature. Appropriate their instance, Yokouchi made a decision to apply the method of motorcycles. The end result ended up being profitable.

Whenever GSXR entered developing, Suzuki set a goal of 100 horsepower for a 750 system and, because of recognized heat-related problems in high-power air-cooled engines, determined that air air conditioning alone wouldn’t be enough. Therefore, the SACS program had been put on the bike’s build and ended up being in the course of time transported to all larger GSXRs. The final GSX-R SACS motor appeared in the Suzuki GSX-R1100 in 1992, later on bicycles featured liquid cooling.
Suzuki Advanced coolant system Badge from a 1991 GSXR 1100

The SACS program uses high volumes of motor oil directed at strategic things of system, just like the the surface of the combustion chamber, which are not usually well-served by environment cooling alone. In order to supply enough oil both for air conditioning and lubrication, the device utilizes a double-chamber oil pump, using the high-pressure side for lubrication of the areas, while the low-pressure, high-volume side produces oil toward cooling and filtering circuit. The oil eliminates temperature from hot system components through direct communications, are moved away and afterwards routed through the oils filter, followed closely by routing through an oil colder before being gone back to the primary sump.

Launched in 1989, the GSF250 and GSF400 is nude street motorcycles, with liquid-cooled, inline four cylinder machines produced by the GSX-R250 and GSX-R400 motorcycles, mounted as an anxious user in a metal trellis frame with single rear surprise absorber. Independent of the motors and transmission, the “baby Bandits” promote lots of their particular components. Limited editions have actually a retro-styled top fairing. ‘N’ designated models need clip-on handlebars. “GSF” and “Bandit” nomenclature tend to be both utilized throughout the series’ chronology and marketplace geography.

The very first generation GSF250 produces 45 bhp, whilst GSF400 brings 59 bhp. The GSF400 handles the additional energy with a 525 chain and double-disk front brake system, versus a 520 string and single forward disk on GSF250.

From 1991, the GSF400V received adjustable inlet time via solenoid-controlled rocker supply engaging with supplementary webcams. Although these designs can be known as “GSF400V-V”, the ‘-V’ actually denotes the 1997 Suzuki design season motorcycles. VVT products are recognised by a red system address many cases of a light gray motor address. The GSF250V appeared later, in 1995.

In 1992, system changes improved low-mid number torque trading off-peak power paid down to 53 bhp when it comes to GSF400 and 40 bhp for GSF250.

In 1995, the 2nd generation GSF250V and GSF400 introduced considerable revisions, like latest styling, fuel tank, swingarm, air conditioning filter set up, exhaust, chair, settings, system, etc.

GSF250 models

GSF250 – design ages ‘K’, ‘L’, ‘M’, ‘N’, ‘P’, ‘R’.
GSF250V – design many years ‘S’, ‘Y’.
GSF250Z – restricted, model years ‘M’, ‘N’, ‘P’.
GSF250VZ – limited, model season ‘S’.

GSF400 products

GSF400 – design many years ‘K’, ‘L’, ‘M’, ‘N’, ‘P’, ‘R’, ‘S’.
GSF400V – VC system, model ages ‘M’, ‘N’, ‘P’, ‘R’, ‘S’, ‘V’.
GSF400Z – minimal, model many years ‘L’, ‘M’.
GSF400VZ – VC motor, limited, model ages ‘M’, ‘N’, ‘P’, ‘V’.



The naked GSF600 letter Bandit was launched in February. It was based on the styling of the pre-existing GSF400 Bandit, with a retuned engine from GSX600. The 600 Bandits came with a 15 enamel front sprocket and 48 tooth backside sprocket connected by a 530V 110 link chain.
1996 Suzuki Bandit GSF600N


The faired Bandit S model had been launched, where bikini half-fairing have its first.


Small adjustment: A clutch change and carburettor heating units.


The letter model have passenger grab rails added. But the S model had no adjustment.


Debut of a back surprise absorber, offering rebound along with preload modification.


Initial significant changes had been made this year.

Unique back bodywork.
Completely electric instrumentation.
Unique carburettors with throttle place sensor.
Extra fuel filter.
Nissin braking system callipers.
20 litres gasoline container.
Progress to frame and steering geometry.
Seat height lowered.
S design: unique modern-day fashioned one half fairing, with twin headlights.


No big adjustment.


Gas measure now as standard.


No significant changes.

The final for the air/oil cooled Suzuki Bandit 650s.

The brand new Suzuki Bandit 650 and half faired Bandit 650S establish were held at Tarragona, Spain.

System displacement increasing by 56 cc to boost reduced- and mid-range efficiency
Seat and Handlebar adjustable for level
New motor internals give reduced friction, along with smoother results and increased power
Modified four-into-two fatigue system
Reshaped gas container
Unique halogen headlight
Unique LCD electronic show incorporating speedometer, odometer, tripmeter, gasoline gauge and time clock
Enhanced rigidity within chassis and enhanced suspension
General fat paid down
ABS offered as a choice
Speedometer/odometer switchable between Metric and Imperial
Suzuki PAIR exhaust air injection program


No considerable adjustment.

Existing generation Bandit 650S

Suzuki designed a, water-cooled engine designed for the 2007 Bandit 650, unlike early in the day brands where they put re-worked engines off their versions. Almost all of the framework and bodywork remained unchanged from 2005 model, though.

Meets Euro3 emission guidelines
656 cc displacement, inline-four all-aluminium liquid-cooled system
Electronic Fuel shot with twin throttle valve system
10% stiffer framework and longer swingarm
Stiffer rear surprise but soft front side fork
Reported 85 hp at 10,500 rpm
12,500 rpm redline
Same 20 litres gas container as past design, nevertheless the fuel pump takes about 1 L
Hydraulic clutch
14 kg heavier

The 2007 Bandit 650 is evaluated by Bike magazine as being “de-criminalised” when compared with their early brethren, but a great bike for beginners.

Not any longer for sale in the usa.


No further available in Canada. Replaced by newer Bandit-derived completely faired GSX650F in united states.


In November 2008, Suzuki announced the following changes when it comes to 2009 GSF650N and GSX650S.

Sleeker headlights
A little various framework protects
Thinner tail lighting
Re-shaped fatigue finishes
Single instrument housing with analogue tachometer, electronic Liquid Crystal Display speedo, fuel gauge, clock, and gear signal

Suzuki also revealed the next changes.

GSF650N just: more angular headlights.
GSF650S just: re-styled cowling with stacked higher and reduced ray multi-reflector headlights, space in fairing, and newer mirrors and indicators.

The Suzuki GSX650F, in a lot of respects a tweaked Bandit

The GSX650F, created from 2008, is essentially a variation on the Bandit 650, with very similar specification and elements. Although constructed on a Bandit chassis, the additional reduced fairing brings they a sportier look similar to that of the Suzuki GSX-R Series. The motor has also have a tiny bit of remapping to motivate revs, in addition to suspension are tweaked. In addition it have a different, single-piece chair.

The Bandit 750 ended up being a Japan just design that used components from both 600 and 1200 brands; the front frame cradle was identical to the 600, the trunk subframe is just like the 1200 with bolt on pillion footpeg handers, the clocks had been 1200 things with an increased red-line regarding rev counter of 12,000rpm, like a fuel measure that has been missing from 600 types of the full time. The run gear and suspension had been additionally exactly like the 600. The motor, although aesthetically identical to the 600, had a capacity of 748 cc, The carburettors had been like the 600 besides jetting, whereas the fatigue was exactly the same as the 1200. The 750 was included with a 6 rate gearbox like 600 – as opposed to the 5 speed on the 1200. Power had been a claimed 85 bhp. All devices are restricted to 180 km/h to adhere to Japanese regulations, but they are easily de-restricted to a real maximum rate of 220 km/h.

Unlike bandits marketed overseas, the 750 never featured the Bandit logo design on rear fairings – alternatively it had been branded “GSF 750” with a smaller script reading “DOHC 16Valve”.
GSF1200S GSF1200SK6.jpg
2006 non-ABS GSF1200S with aftermarket screen
Also called Bandit 1200S
Manufacturing 1996-2006
System 1,157 cm3, 4-stroke,
4-cylinder, DOHC, 16-valve, air/oil-cooled
Transmission 5-speed constant mesh
Framework type Tubular metallic
Suspension system F: Telescopic, 43mm internal tube,
springtime preload adjustable
R: connect means, flexible rebound/preload, aluminum-alloy swingarm
Brake system F: 4-piston calipers,
310 mm dual disks
R: Single-piston caliper, disk
Wheelbase 1,480 mm
Dimensions L: 2,130 mm
W: 790 mm
H: 1,235 mm
Seat height Adjustable 785–805 mm
Fat 215 kg
Fuel ability 20.0 L
Suzuki GSF1200P


The 1200 Bandit had been usually circulated in January 1996, but a few are subscribed in 1995. It really is run on a re-tuned and higher capability type of the GSX-R1100 motor. Various other differences through the 600 cc models consist of gas measure, higher specs suspension system, hydraulically managed clutch, larger diameter front brake disks, and 5-speed gearbox instead of the 6-speed gearbox of 600 Bandit.

Many Suzuki motorcycles possess motor dimensions cast into region of the cylinder block; 1200 Bandits do not have this but, evidently, some very early manufacturing 1995 systems have 1,156 cc cast into the block. The 1200 Bandits need 15 tooth front sprockets and 45 tooth rear sprockets linked by 530V, 110 website link back stores.


No modifications. a form of the S Bandit with anti-lock braking ended up being launched for many globe areas. The 1997 abdominal muscles 1200 Bandit used a 114 connect chain as opposed to the standard 110 connect sequence.


No considerable adjustment.


The 1200 Bandits received an equivalent revamp towards one the 600 Bandits obtained the previous 12 months:

Brand new back bodywork.
Fully electric instrumentation.
Unique carburettors.
Suzuki SET, feeding clean air into the fatigue socket to assist eradicate unburnt gasoline from emissions.
Further gas filter.
Tokico braking system callipers.
20 litre fuel tank.
Improvements to framework and steering geometry.
Seat decreased.
S model: unique contemporary styled fairing, with double headlights.


2004 versions included a 2-way catalytic converter to the exhaust program, and minor adjustments towards the exhaust metalwork.


2005 versions are the very last regarding the second Generation 1200 Bandits.


2006 versions got a revamp with a brand new shape tank, side panels, a height adjustable seat and an extended hexagonal-section swinging supply. The faired “S” versions supply an innovative new shape fairing and mirrors with an entirely redesigned headlight program with more than and under beams rather than the previous side-by-side system. These brand new brands had been provided with ABS brakes as a choice. ABS brakes were installed as standard regarding the British specs SA model. Some areas in addition gotten height-adjustable handlebars. There were lesser changes to your transmission inner ratios besides. The 2006 Bandit 1200s weren’t sold in america but always been sold somewhere else around the globe. The SK6 variation is in generation 3 of the Bandit 1200S range and therefore is the sole generation 3 type of the 1200 Bandit. This is the very last regarding the SACS-engined Bandits with a motor build and technology that very first spotted the light of time in 1985 in the GSX-R 750.
GSF1250S Suzuki Bandit 1250SA 07.jpg
2007 GSF1250S with ABS
Also referred to as Bandit 1250S
Manufacturing 2007-2015
Motor 1,255 cm3, 4-stroke,
4-cylinder, DOHC, 16-valve, liquid-cooled
Top speed 140 miles per hour
Power 99.7 hp @ 8780 rpm
Torque 78.6 lb·ft @ 3540 rpm
Transmission 6-speed continual mesh
Framework means Tubular metal
Suspension F: Telescopic, 43mm inner tube,
spring preload adjustable
R: website link means, flexible rebound/preload, aluminum-alloy swingarm
Brake system F: 4-piston calipers,
310 mm dual disks
R: Single-piston caliper, disk
Wheelbase 1,485 mm
Measurements L: 2,130 mm
W: 790 mm
H: 1,480 mm
Seat level Adjustable 790–810 mm
Weight 225 kg
Fuel ability 19.0 L
Gas intake 39.7 mpg‑US


The GSF1250 range are established. This has a petrol shot, water-cooled engine that will be compliant with Euro 3 emission laws. The new motor creates similar energy and torque into the earlier in the day 1,200cc motor nevertheless torque of 108 N·m is present in the reduced engine rate of 3,750 RPM. An auxiliary balance shaft reduces motor oscillations. The GSF1250 also has a six-speed constant mesh gearbox aided by the feedback shaft attached below the crankshaft to cut back along the system. This allows an extended move supply for enhanced control. .

The GSF1250SA version features abdominal muscles and Autumn 2007 saw the introduction of the limited edition Street Fighter, featuring one chair with matching back cowling, Renthal handlebars, and Yoshimura silencer.


The 2007 GSF1250 and GSX125SA is unchanged.

The 1250GT Grand Touring version was launched with a three-box hard baggage program, fairing reduces and sat-nav.


2009 models carry-over exactly the same engines. The cylinders become yet again plated with Suzuki’s “Composite Electrochemical Material”, as well as carried through is the Secondary Balancer Shaft further smoothens the rides.

In-may 2009, it absolutely was announced that there would be a small version Bandit 1250SA ‘Z’. This has a pearl mirage white paint system, with revised graphics and metallic silver rims. Best 100 instances came to the united kingdom.


In September 2009 it absolutely was established that 2010 will see the production of the GSX1250FA in European countries. It has the same engine and framework as before, but the full fairing can certainly make it similar in style towards small GSX650F.

The conventional 1250A and 1250SA products in 2010 will showcase a black colored system.


GSX1250FA remains unchanged from 2010 but involves the united states as a 2011 model.


Suzuki reintroduced the GSF1250SA Bandit with a new half-fairing built to wrap-around the radiator shrouds, and added a front side vent underneath the headlight to smooth airflow behind the fairing.

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Not from your part of the world, but have a thought to consider- The price of used Bandits is so cheap that it is probably more economical to just buy a used Bandit rather than put more money into the old one.

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